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01153 / 01154 (Packaging & Filling)

Endoline 121 case former (# 01153) & Endoline P6-FP-T case taper / sealer (# 01154) combination, Semi-automatic case former / erector folds the lower minor & major flaps of the box & holds the open case steady to allow packing, the fully automated (operator free) pre-set case taper machine transports the case & seals cases by folding the top flaps / lids & seals with a self adhesive taping unit (top & bottom), Case size (121): 200 to 600mm Long x 125 to 250mm Wide, Case size (P6-FP-T): 120 to 610mm Long x 100 to 500mm Wide x 110 to 500mm High. 4x Photos.
Model/Type:121 & P6-FP-T
Short Description:Case erector & Case sealer combination
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